“Let’s bring about a positive attitude that can be carried forward to make not only AIT

but also the whole world a better place to live in!”

AIT Campus Sustainability Club is an initiative by SU Campus and Environment Committee to conduct activities related to sustaining and supporting the various management systems in AIT. These systems relate to water management, waste management, environment management, energy management, natural resources management and Cheap Air Max TN managing transportation inside campus. Working with reference to the “AIT: A Sustainability Laboratory” concept paper, we will strive to make AIT a model campus in the region. Along with that, the objective is also to make the AIT community more conscious about reducing wasteful activities and increasing their participation in spreading awareness about the harmful environmental effects of consuming more energy, paper, water, producing more waste etc.

Each and every member of the AIT community is encouraged to participate in this club Air Max Australia  (Faculty, Staff, Students, Family members) and show his/her commitment by giving their inputs and ideas on what we can do as well as executing those ideas to make the campus environment more sustainable. The club activities have already started from end of January 2014.

“SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS “ – the first effort

On 14 February 2014, this club started the initiation of “Say No to Plastic Bag” campaign generating Cheap Nike Air Max awareness among students, staffs, faculty, and visitors inside AIT campus to discourage against using plastic bags. More than 80 people have signed the pledge and participated in this campaign. The club also aims to completely remove plastic bags from within the campus premises by collecting cloth bags donated by the residence of AIT campus.

A total of 37 bags collected will be distributed evenly among the cheap timberland shoes china Lawson 108 shop and grocery shops for buyers to lend, use and return back the bags when not required. Also, this campaign encourages buyers to bring their own bags for shopping and not use plastic bags as possible inside the campus. The executive committee of the club is thankful and overwhelmed by the efforts cheap timberland shoes and participation of all the campus residence and hopeful to conduct such further activities in coming days.
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