AIT observes Earth Hour to create awareness on Sustainable Energy Management

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) had observed Earth Hour by turning off all the non-essential lights for an hour (8:30-9:30 local time) in its university premises through an event organized by AIT Campus Sustainability Club. On a daily basis, AIT consumes on an average of 1370 kWh of electricity between 8:30 to 9:30 pm but the consumption was significantly reduced to 1290 kWh during earth hour observation. These figures prominently show that just by turning off non essential lights and electrical appliances, energy consumption could be reduced concomitantly lowering the carbon emission.
By doing so, the AIT community was not only conserving energy but was also joining a global petition on bringing awareness on global environment and opting for sustainable future. A group of 80 people including students, staffs and faculties gathered in front of AITCC (besides lotus pond) to appeal on using electricity wisely. Approximately 900 non-toxic and smoke free natural candles were lighted up to make the event more attractive.
AIT Campus Sustainability Club believes that this event was a great opportunity for AIT to work together in harmony and peace for better earth and better future.
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