The AIT Campus Sustainability Club successfully organized a drawing competition for children of the AIT community on 11 October 2014. “Coloring My Home: AIT” was the underlying theme of the competition which was open to kids of the AIT International School, and children of AIT faculty, staff and students.

The event held outdoors on the patio of the central campus fountain was the first initiative of the club to involve kids from the AIT community, with the theme of environmental sustainability applied in a fun and interactive way.

According to AITCSC organizers, the community response for the event was overwhelming, with 45 children taking part in the main competition. Kicking off at 2.30 pm on Saturday, the young artists had one-and-a-half hours to complete their drawings, before passing their work to the judges.

Each participant was free to choose from one of six topics related to the event’s theme. Applying plenty of creativity and imagination, the young artists displayed their talents for illustration and coloring to produce distinct depictions of topics such as: water as a source of life, save energy, little flowers make AIT green, clean AIT – green AIT, love earth, save environment and humans of AIT.

Judges Mr. James Gonzales, Ms. Serena Amatya, Dr. Julaikha Bente Hossain, and Mr. Fawad Najam selected a total of 6 winners from contestants aged 5-8 and 9-13. Once the scores were tallied, the final results were announced to the ecstatic winning kids.

Mr. Supun Dissanayaka, one of the team leaders from the AITCSC said, “We are all happy to organize this unique event for the kids. Working with children is enjoyable because we learned a lot from their creative imagination. The event also event taught us a sense of responsibility for working as a club as a whole.”

Based on the enthusiastic audience, organizers believe the competition was well received. Children unleashed their passion for drawing, painting and coloring, while proud parents and interested guests offered encouragement and support from the sidelines.

“The positive responses from everyone rendered the event a complete success,” said Ms. Tooba Masood, an AITCSC member and event organizer. “We will continue to organize similar events in the future to involve everyone in the community under the slogan ‘Sustainability for AIT’”.

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