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Browse through all the latest photos of AITCSC events and initiatives on this page. Check back for more new photos and regular updates! Trip to Talad-Thai on 30th January 2016...

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Club Guidelines

Policy Document of AIT Campus Sustainability Club To be a club member, please use the following link to register yourself. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1P2RpUCQzPd9uMEZ_1xtU6QTqDDw-zinVhFJTsB1JB_4/viewform Draft policy of AITCSC can be found here: Policy document for AITCSC...

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Testimonials from students and alumni

I have reduced using plastic bags and made a habit of carrying cloth bags wherever I go.

Anantaa Pandey

After joining the club, i became more aware about reducing energy consumption.

Seeta Devkota